Arte e inchiostro

Decorazione damigiana: il drago e l’araba fenice
Demijohn decoration: the dragon and the phoenix

Restauro e decorazione pigna
Pinecone decoration
Scultura in polistirolo
Polystyrene sculpture





One patient once told him :
“My wife and I made a pact
the first of us who dies I go to Paris.”
That’s our unable psyche to feel death…

It’s me… I know… 

Every day can starts by fantasy
the cookie turns into a magic hat
suddenly transforms books into knowledge 
the desire to produce the factory of desires…
have fun in air adventures
live art
returning to the origins

Be ready “to stick button” in a big city to meet new people:
want to understand another language…
search for unique pieces at antique markets…
all walking a halo of people I would like to know…
visiting a new city is always exciting
where is everybody?
where is everybody?
the world is not the same every day…
some days nothing happens
then the fantasy …
for technology instead … there’s a little less control


2019 painted and little animation spot
aL&d serie:
Ciò ciò San Serie: 
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